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A Beginners Guide To Jewelry


Tomiko Fashions Jewelry

With an endless variety of choices, jewelry shopping can be fun or a daunting shopping experience depending how you approach it. If you’re clueless about jewelry, don’t stress over it, make it fun, an adventure into a cornucopia of  beauty and your personal enhancement.  Fine beautiful jewelry that will fits your budget, your style and your taste, and  don’t be afraid to experiment. Open your closet pick the dress or outfit you love the best and then search for jewelry that matches and enhance your looks.  Also remember most of the Jewelry worn by movie stars and the rich are custom jewelry and how you present yourself over all will carry the day.


Here’s Tomiko’s beginner’s guide to types of jewelry


 Tomiko Fashions Bracelets


Selecting and wearing the right bracelet can enhance your outfit giving it a elegant look reflecting your personal style and taste. The diamonds, Rhinestones Crystal,  and other gemstone bracelets are the most popular for women who loves and prefer sparkles and shiny look. They can instantly give off an unforgettable statement of your personality, style and taste.  Bead chains, box chains, mesh chains and rope chains bracelets and pearl bracelets on the other hand, can complement any outfit with its sophisticated simplicity for those who would want to go for a subdued delicate  look being  the best choice of jewelry for you. Experiment, see what looks and feels good  for you as there are thousands of choices just waiting for you to wear.

Tomiko Fashions Rings


Remember whether you want a solitaire ring or adorn your hand with a multitude of rings do whatever  fits your budget, your style and your taste, and  don’t be afraid to experiment. Some of the popular rings include , ring stacks thumb rings, knuckle rings, mood rings to name a few. Again, pick your Rings based on the outfit you are wearing and how you want to present yourself to others. If you want to be Simple or elegant or flashy a rings can compliment and elevate your looks.

Tomiko Fashions Earrings


Selecting a proper set of earrings can instantly amplify your outfit from casual to formal wear. As with all your Jewelry do whatever  fits your budget, your style and your taste, and  don’t be afraid to experiment. You can choice from  drop earrings, Pearl stud earrings,  gem stud earrings, hoop earring, simple to classic gems earrings and more. If you want your earrings to stand out and make a statement a selection of drop earrings and Classic hoop earrings are best for this.


 Tomiko Fashions Necklace


Necklaces  can be worn every day whether small or large they can make a statement enhancing your beauty and the outfit you are wearing. Again, do what fits your budget, your style and your taste, and  don’t be afraid to experiment. Try a large statement pieces, bib necklaces, chokers, pendant necklaces, or simple chains silver or gold they will define you. Necklaces are one of the easiest ways to accessorize your outfit and  enhance your beauty.


Tomiko Fashions Watches


In today’s world watches are not just a device to tell time but have become a great fashion statement with so many selections available at a low price you can buy one for each outfit to enhance the statement you are trying to make. They can be elegant, simple or just wild and crazy.  Don’t miss out on Tomiko’s  WATCH COLLECTION      you won’t believe the beauty you will find.

 Tomiko feels the quality and prices on allows women to build her Jewelry collect for each outfit that she loves expressing her individual style and taste to the world. Tomiko invites you to take a look at the her collection  of Jewelry, fashions and cosmetics and treat yourself to something that will add that extra pizazz to your looks  and life.